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Fife Flower Show on Saturday 18 September 2010

A must-see event for all garden enthusiasts with a wide range of vegetable, fruit, cut flowers and plants from growers from all over the country.

Come and see what is possible with a little time and effort and enjoy the fantastic facilities of Dobbies Garden Centre.

Incorporating 50th Anniversary of Fife and Kinross Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society Show which will include extra Anniversary classes in many of the show sections with additional prizes. There will also be a display of 50 varieties of Dahlias to celebrate this milestone of the F&K Society.

Fife Flower Show is one of the top rated shows in Scotland attracting exhibitors and visitors from all over Scotland.

Event Details:
Dobbies Garden Centre
Whimbrell Place
KY11 8EX

Date:18 Sep 2010 - 19 Sep 2010
Duration: During normal opening hours.
Charge: Free
For more information call 07809 219579


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