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10 most fun games to play while you are on a road - Holiday and Travel Tips - Your Cottage
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10 most fun games to play while you are on a road

Great Advice for kids, mums, dads, grandparents, godparents, nannies, brothers and sisters from a 'grown up kid', sister, godmother and nanny who has been there and back!

As a child I have travelled many times by car across the Europe with my parents and grandparents. Nothing was more exciting then getting in the car and going someplace new. As a kid I didn't have to do the driving or worry about road conditions and traffic jams, all I had to do was get comfortable in the back seat and look out of the window. It didn't matter where we were going, whether for a day trip or for a week or two of holiday. We would drive through old villages, stunning countryside, big towns and little towns... there was always something new to see. My mum always prepared something yummy to eat to keep us quiet at the back. She also planned some exciting games that kept us occupied and did I mention quiet! I am finding these games fun and easy to play when I am travelling with my partner (yes... we do still play games), sometimes we take his little nephew and nieces or my godchildren. I will now share these fun games with you.

1. Car Colour Spotting- hands up who never played car colour spotting in their life! Car colour spotting is one of the easiest games to play while you are on a road and will definitely keep the kids busy.

How to play it? You need to allocate colours to each child (and yourself if you want to join in) and count the number of cars you see in that colour. Whoever spots the most cars in allocated colour is a winner.

2. I Spy - is probably most popular game we played during long car trips. There were and still are plenty of things to 'spy' wherever you are.
You can also try different variations of this game, like the 'Colour I Spy'..."I spy something RED" or " I spy 6 letter word ending D"

3. And what will you buy? - This game is really fun and especially little kids love it.

What do you need? Two or more players.
How to play it? The first player says "I am going shopping" the other players respond " And what you will buy? Then the first player answers back. "I'm going shopping and I will buy apple (anything beginning A).

Then the second player will say ' I'm going shopping " and the other will reply "And what will you buy?" The second player answers " I am going shopping and I will buy apple (or some beginning A) and ball (something beginning B).

Then the next player add something beginning C and so on...

You continue taking turns. If you can't remember all the words that went on before, or mess the correct order of them, you are out. The person who lasts the longest is the winner.

4. Number Plate Game - as you travel you see other cars travelling on the roads and it's fun to play number plate game where you make funny sayings of the number plate letters. If you want you can put a time limit on it.

What do you need? At least two players, Pen and paper to write down the letters of the number plate. If you can remember the letters in your head you don't have to write it down.

How to play it? Write down the number plate. Then you make sayings from the letters of the number plate. For example when you see number plate L456 BSC - 456 little blue smelly cheese...

You can also change the game slightly and play the sums of the numbers on the number plate.

5. I used to love this one a lot when I was little! ' SPOTTO LIST' - my mum created the 'spotto list for us before we set off and we were following the map and marked off the spotted/ found items of the list.

How to play it? You need to put together a 'spotto list and map', ideally before you leave. You can add the traffic road signs and other things or places of interest you may find on the way. The first person to mark off all the items on the list is a winner.

Extra little tip is to give kids stickers to mark off the spotted things... or at least your kids will have fun sticking stickers on each other...!

The really good variation of this game is to ask children to spot the Park or the Playground. Tell them that each time they spot a playground you let them to play. They are normally happy to return to the car after 10 minutes of playing to spot another playground to play at.

6. Laugh Out Loud - the point of this game is to make the other players laughing.

What do you need? - at least two players, pen and pencil to mark the scores down.

How to play it? The player gets 30 seconds to do funniest, silliest things he/ she can think of to try to make the other players laugh. You can imitate teacher, or mum telling you off, you can pull faces or sing a funny song... it's all down to your imagination.

Player gets 1 point for each laughing person. Track the scores on the paper and take turns. The person that first reaches i.e. 10 or 15 points wins.

7. 'Who Am I' - Mystery Person game? - playing this game you need to pay close attention to all of the questions and answers.

How to play it? The player selects the person he/ she wants to be. The names of famous people or movie and book characters work normally the best. Other players keep asking the Mystery Person questions like are you a actor, are you lady...do you have a long her, tattoos...Are you a real person or fictional figure...??

The person who correctly guesses the identity of Mystery Person wins.

8. Activity Bags - Putting together 'activity bag' is another way to keep kids amused when you travel by car. You can fill the bag ( it can be your child's favourite pillowcase) with colouring books, pencils or crayons, stickers, your child's favourite book, pack of cards... It really depends on what your child enjoys the best. You can also wrap some of the things in wrapping paper and hand them out when your child gets bored.

9. Travel Journal - Give your child a 'special travel journal'(notebook) and 'special travel box'. Let the children to decorate both to make both even more special. They can draw pictures, they can write stories. They can collect little stones, keep the tickets from visited places and attractions... and put it in their special travel box. Save flyers, ticket stubs, anything that represents the places you visit each day. Take along a glue stick. Each day, place the date at the top of the page and write some more. Leave spaces for photographs to be added later.

When we were little bit older my mum sometimes gave us an old camera. We were snapping away and once we got home we completely forgot about it...Luckily for her - she gave us broken camera that didn't take any pictures!

You can give your children little one use camera and let them to take pictures of whatever they want. Later, once you come back, you can have the pictures developed and kids can add them to their travel journals.

10. Be a Pop Star! - Play your children's favourite CDs or tapes so they can sing a long and why not having your own Pop Star or X-Factor contest where the winner wins a small price.

If all the above doesn't work and bores your children silly then the ultimate child pacifier is a portable DVD player or game boy... well, one for each child so they don't start fighting.

Most of all, take advantage of the time together and enjoy your holiday.

By Lucie Nedvedova


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