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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Your Cottage different?

Your Cottage is created by cottage owners, for cottage owners. We understand how the business works, and we've faced the same challenges you have, guests checking out late or arriving early.

We never forget that your cottage belongs to you. We don't force you to operate in a way that's not right for your business. You retain control of all aspects of your property. Your Cottage markets and promotes your business and brings in the enquiries and bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our system is easy to set up and use. As long as you have access to the internet, you're ready to go. It doesn't require any special software, hardware or training. You don't need any technical expertise. Don't be scared of trying either, you can't break it.

So how does it work?

First, we'll help create a listing for your property that is seen worldwide, 24 hours a day.

Using your login details you can then access your personalised area on the website. From here, you can manage your photos, text and facilities make as many changes and corrections as you like, add new photos of redecorated rooms or just pictures of the view or garden as you get them. There is no charge for this at all.

Can people contact me direct?

Yes indeed. For many cottage owners it is important to be able to speak to your guests well in advance of their stay and often before they even book. Your phone number is available, as is your email, property address and website address (if you have one).

What happens if somebody cancels?

All guests have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of booking and the cancellation charges are described in this section.

Is there a minimum standard I have to meet?

We do ask prefer our accommodations to have an English Tourist Board star rating. It helps us explain to potential customers what to expect from a property of particular rating. However, you can be listed without being rated and we do understand that it is an expense that many cottage owners feel is not for them.

How much will it cost me?

Your Cottage is one of the most cost-effective online bookings systems available today.

To have your listing with costs 67 per annum. This is less than 1.30 per week to advertise around the globe. This will be more than repaid by receiving just one extra booking in 12 months!

And unlike a lot of our competition, you will not find any hidden costs for additional pictures or text changes. You know straight away how much it will cost you and what you get and don't forget our guarantee. Less than 10 enquiries in a year and we will refund your membership without a quibble.

Do I have to pay this every year?

Yes you do. The annual membership fee allow you 12 months advertising on the website, as many editing changes as you wish, the clear publication of all your contact details and someone available to help if you ever need it. We think that you will agree that this is excellent value for advertising to literally millions of people 24 hours a day. And don't forget that we guarantee you getting at least 10 enquiries in the next 12 months or you get your money back.

I'm interested - what do I do next?

Simply click here to apply now using the online application process. 20 minutes of your time very well spent.

Once we have received your application (either online or in the post) and your payment, we will check your details and contact you to inform you of it going live and advertising on the World Wide Web.

If you feel you need help, then just call us on 01428 712056 and we'll be delighted to assist you.

How long will it take to get my Holiday Cottage listing published?

Once we have received all your information either online or in the post and we have received your payment, it is within 24 hours that the listing will be published for the world to see. This is something we do every day and as long as the information that is sent is accurate and the pictures are top quality, it is very straight forward for us to process.

If you are applying online you can view what your advert will look like before you pay. We will of course check your text and pictures but it is all there for you to see immediately. It is the activation process that lets it be seen by prospective customers and not just you.

How long will it take to get my Holiday Cottage listing removed?

If there is any reason (flooding or sale of property) that you wish to have your listing removed you should firstly ring the office during normal office hours on (T) 01428 712056 or email us. We can deactivate your listing very quickly once we have your authorisation and we would say that we need 4 hours during normal working day. The authorisation notice needs to be signed by the person who is the main contact for the property.

Do you ever deactivate listings?

Yes. If for any reason we feel that your property is not suitable for our site we will not activate your listing. Equally if there are changes made at a later date that make it unacceptable for our site we will deactivate the listing immediately. This may be anything from very poor pictures and description to advertising links to our competitors. We will contact you to advise you of the situation but are not obliged to reactivate your listing at any time in the future.

Can I email you my pictures and application details?

Yes you can. However, if can send an email with photo attachments properly you are more than skilled enough to use the online application process. The application wizard leads you step-by-step through the process and it will send all the information direct to the system. This makes the process of completing your listing very much quicker, and removes some of the chances of human typing errors.

Can I add or change my pictures if I want to?

Yes you can. It is very simple, you just log in to your secure owners admin area and you will find help there that will guide you through the process. Remember that if you need help, we are here during normal office hours on 01428 712056 and can help you over the phone.

Can I change my text details?

Yes indeed. There is no limit to how many changes you can make as it is all done by you through the secure login in the owners admin area. There is specific help available in the Owners Admin Area and we can be contacted if you get stuck.

Unlike our competitors there is no charge for this and you are free to make as many updates as you like. Start with the basics and get more creative as you gain confidence.

Can you write my text for me?

We know that many people find this part very difficult. They are often busy with other things of their business on their mind to become creative. Sometimes it is because you have written the description out too many times for brochures or other adverts and you feel stale. However, you are still the best person to describe your holiday cottage as you know exactly what makes it unique and gives it character, as well as what your guests like the best about it. So to answer your question, no we can not do this for you but we have written a report on how to write a good a description.

How many properties can I advertise?

You can advertise up to six individual properties, after this we will contact you directly to sort out a business rate. You will find in the owner's admin area that there is an option to copy some of your details for each property to make it quicker for you to get them all listed.

If for any reason we feel that your property is not suitable for our site we will not activate the listing. Please see 'Do you ever deactivate listings?' above.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.